10th - 14th of September 2012
Music Academy of Lower Saxony
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Prof. Thomas Hauschild

Prof. Christian Lampert

Prof. Will Sanders

Prof. Esa Tapani

Prof. Frøydis Ree Wekre

Prof. Szabolcs Zempléni

Christoph Eß

Ikuko Odai, Klavier

Prof. Christian LampertProf. Christian Lampert

Christian Lampert received his French horn training from Francesco Raselli in Basel, Mahir Cakar in Stuttgart, and Professor Erich Penzel in Cologne. He already in his younger years received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation, and was a prize winner at various national and international competitions, including the International Instrumental Competition in Markneukirchen, and the German Music Competition in Bonn.
Christian Lampert gained his first orchestral experience in the German National Youth Orchestra, the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, and the European Community Youth Orchestra. He was later appointed solo French horn player with the Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra, the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Frankfurt, and the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra.
In addition to his solo activities, Christian Lampert is a great proponent of chamber music, and has appeared with a number of renowned ensembles, including Hr-Brass, German Brass, Linos Ensemble, Ensemble Villa Musica, and the Avalon Brass Quintet.
Since 2004, he holds full-time positions as French horn professor at the conservatories in Basel and Stuttgart.

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